This is definitely a record for the number of people in a single photo. An estimated 8000 country music fans descended on Riverbend to see Rascal Flatts,and I had the wonderful experience of catching the fun from the air. There are some interesting things I learned in my helicopter ride. Note that the doors were off to allow me to photograph.

I learned to triple check my harness, many, many times. I learned that even at low speeds, the wind actually feels like a hurricane, so keeping your head inside the cockpit is a terrific idea. I learned that you get nervous when you cannot see into the eyes of the pilot because of his dark glasses, and you have to assume he has a will to land safely. And I learned that, even though the strap is secure, your hands ache from gripping the cameras very, very hard. Oh, and in this case, I learned that a new item on my bucket list is to be on a boat for a show one day, those people know how to have a good time!

If you see this post and want me to see if I can find you in the photos, send me a description of your location and every detail about what you and your friends were wearing. If I can find you, you can get a free print!

Riverbend Music Center

Oh, and the best part was having my son along for the ride!