Each year we have the pleasure of creating photos for clients that have no people in them at all. These projects range from aerial photos of Riverbend during a Jimmy Buffett concert, to promotional photography for Star Lanes at Newport on the Levee, and everything in between. If you look at the Star Lanes images below, you will see their logo on the HD TV screens. The idea was to not have the actual programming shown in the finished photos, so we too great care to remove what was on the screen, and replace that with the logos, to give the finished brochure a really polished look.This attention to detail along with our ability to light the spaces to make them look natural, or what our clients tell us they love about our photography.

Our commercial spaces clients also include the Hilton Cincinnati, Madonna Manor, The Taft Theater, Newport on the levee and their tenants,  and even contractors and private owners. If you have a unique place or space, please let us know, we would love to create something special for you.


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