Now, we have heard this many times over the years from every type of client. It is completely natural to be nervous in front of a camera. We always see the mirror half empty when we gaze at ourselves. Maybe we need a support group!


Or maybe we need someone that can solve the problem, or at least make it bearable, right? Sure! That is what Craig does for everyone that selects him to create a portrait. The first step in getting a great picture of anyone is making them feel comfortable. You are saying to yourself “I fear public speaking more than death, and having my picture made is right up there!” He shares all those emotions with you. He frequently remarks that he thinks he looks the most handsome when his camera is squarely placed on his face. So in each session, he brings the understanding that it is a true challenge to sit and have a picture created. Because of that, he goes through it WITH you, not at you. You will quickly find things start to calm as soon as you start following the gentle instructions he uses to make sure he has the best angle on your face, your hair positioned perfectly, and your outfit arranged to flatter you best.