Take a minute, please!

I remember when we had the studio built. My kids were like 4 and 2. It was a great time in our lives. In 1999 we really began the transition from an all wedding and event studio to one that really started to reflect my real passion, families. That included seniors. I was blessed to have my first senior refer about 18. The moms who came in and I would always talk about how fast their babies became seniors. "Just you wait" was the common advice I got. As much as I knew time was flying, I let my kids grow up at lightning speed anyway.


Fast forward to 2012 and our son Alex graduated from Brossart. 2 years later Carly followed him. This year Alex is graduating from college, and Car is halfway through EKU. 


So I am writing this post to the parents of the seniors we have been blessed to photograph this year. Enjoy this last month and as much of summer as possible. I know all the party plans, completing the details on college decisions, and finals are keeping everyone busy. But go for a walk a couple times a week with your senior. Take them to dinner or, if you are brave, take in a Reds game. Go down to Smale Park and swing on the swings and just breathe, and enjoy all they have become. Time will not stop, but we can at least hold on a little harder for a bit.


And congratulations to the class of 2016!

Hey, Class of 2017, We need your help!

Every year about this time we reach out to the best of the junior class. We redefine senior portraits every year, and need models to help show our new styles off. If you are a class leader, into activities like music, dance, sports, or just being YOU, we are looking for you!

Please call us at 859-491-4919 or fill out the contact form above. We only select a few from each school, so call from your cell phone now and we can give you all the details. We pay cash, credit towards your order, tickets to shows at Riverbend this summer, and maybe the best currency is envy from all your friends! Check out the images here and in the senior section. Also go to www.Facebook.com/mansionhillseniors to see how you can kick of your senior year with a bang!

Kameryn does the town!

Kameryn is an amazing young lady. Her style is all her own. We worked great as a team, which is the top secret way to get the best, most personal senior portraits possible. We went to 7 locations to make sure we had the best possible settings for her distinct outfits.  It was a fun struggle to go through them with her and her family to pick the very best, and here is a small sample.

Our new site is up and ready to go!

Welcome to our 4th. version of the studio web site. Wow, how things have changed! Please stop and read what has been happening at the studio, and remember, our job is to tell your story, so let us help make sure it is a best seller.