For Parents

For all you parents, let me first say I am right there with you. This year my first child will graduate, so more than ever I get what you are going through.  All we want to do, at least on the good days, is spend time with them, remembering what it was like when the future meant after nap time.   And they think we are squares, good only as a bank, laundromat, and occasional taxi or borrow-a- car agency. But as crazy as it all sounds, next year we might look back and wish for at least some of that, right? When they are off at school, truly on their own, we will feel proud and sad at the same time.

Families have always been the center of our studio. Our goal is always to be there for the big moments, and a few of the everyday moments, too. As a senior client we hope you take advantage of the $100.00 credit we place in your family portrait account, so we can create a portrait for you with everyone included, and before school starts again, and the kids head to college.  




How to prepare