Before you call and book a session with us, there are some things you need to know. First off, you WILL have a great time, we are unlike ANY other studio. Second, your senior portraits will absolutely make your friends insanely jealous (You already know which ones you plan to show them off to first, right?). And third, we know the first 2 are sure things because we guarantee it!

Here is the deal- Choose us for your senior portraits. Come play with us and see what happens. No risk. No gamble. If you are not 110% thrilled, we will do whatever it takes to get you there. And if we can’t? We will refund your session fee, AND pay for a session wherever you choose to try next. Go ahead, try us out. We dare you!


What is a session like? We get that question all the time. We are so not what you might expect. So many places are like a crowded bus station with people running here and there. Others expect you to carry clothes in your trunk and change in the back seat. At Mansion Hill you are the star! We only do one session at a time, so you never have to feel like you are being watched or hurried. But why tell you what our clients experience, let them tell you!


Pricing, we need to tell you what you can expect.  At some places they are set up with points you spend on packages. Others charge for black and white prints, and still others restrict the images you can see after the session.  We make it simple. First, our goal is to make sure we can be YOUR senior photographer. We believe we are a most personal, creative studio, and we prove it one session at a time. So when you call, think about these facts:

  1. We will work hard to make you happy, regardless of your budget. You will have a great time and leave beyond thrilled, you deserve it!
  2. No old fashioned proofs here! You get to see your photos in our viewing theater, and have our design specialist personally helps you with your order.
  3. You get to see the pictures and place your order just days after your session. You will never have to wait weeks like some places.
  4. You will have your order in 3-4 weeks, maybe even less. We hear all the time how much faster we can have an order ready compared to other companies.

We have three sessions, a 30, 60, and 90. The 30 is perfect if you want something simple. For moms of boys this is often the best choice. “It is only 30 minutes, you can do it” is what our moms say to their sons to get them in. We can add to that later if needed, and turn the 30 into a 60. The 60 is our most popular session. 4-6 outfits, inside and outside, you get it all. And the best is the 90, which adds to the 60 a location session. Board a horse and want photos at the barn? How about a session in the dugout of your school field or on the 50 yard line of the football field. These sessions really help customize your portraits. Bottom line, we just want you to get the best images possible, that tell YOUR story.

And lets talk OUTSIDE pictures. Many of our seniors say that, in the beginning, they were nervous about the studio. All the lights, poses, and and instructions could be hard to deal with. UNLESS, Craig is your photographer. Then they said they had fun, goofing with him since he still thinks he is in high school. And before they knew  it, they were not even be a bit nervous. Although outside images are great, often the time of day, weather, humidity, and just people being around can drive you crazy. The studio is awesome.Your name is on the dressing room door, your hair ALWAYS looks perfect, you never get shiny, and you have the whole place to yourself, we only do one incredible senior session at a time.

It all starts with a call. We can go over all the details and make sure you are ready to have a session of a lifetime. Ask your friends, they will tell you how much fun we are!



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