Pricing wedding photography can be very confusing. We hear all the time from couples that they cannot compare one studio to another using pricing because we are all unique. Add the fact that you may not be sure of what you want, especially if your are newly engaged, and trying to get several decisions made right away.


That is where an experienced studio can really help. At Mansion Hill, we only want to work with couples that truly find we are the right studio for them. So, if we are, great. If not, we will even make an appointment at another studio while we are visiting with you! You do not need to feel stressed or anxious just because the decisions seem big. The truth is, the one thing you need from everyone involved with making your dream day a true dream day, is trust.


Below are descriptions of our collections. Many of our couples blend them together to make something truly perfect for their needs. But these three collections will give us a head start, and as we discuss the timeline, family and guests that will be at the wedding, and your goals for the photography, we will create a custom collection, just for you.


Silver Collection-This collection will include up to 6 hours on the wedding day, and a disc of images. We will help plan the photography to make the most of the time, as well as help you with your photo list and all requests. We will host your images in our online gallery for friends and family for 30 days.

Price- $2500.00


Gold Collection- The Silver Collection plus an in studio engagement session, up to 8 hours of time, and a set of 15 artworked files of your choosing. Hosting of your images will be for 90 days.

Price- $2950.00


The Album Collection- This collection is perfect for the bride that cherishes a wedding album, and wants help in making the album design a perfect reflection of her day. The album can include up to 30 sides, and 40 images. Each image included in the album will be artworked to perfection! A location engagement session is included, as well as a custom designed sign in book using the engagement images. More details can easily be discussed in studio. Images are hosted in the online gallery for 1 year. The time is increased to 9 hours. An image disc can be added to this collection, at an additional cost.

Price- $3500.00