Mansion Hill Studio was founded in 1998, by Craig Weiglein. Over the years he has been creating timeless portraits for hundreds of families in the Cincinnati area. His portraits are on the walls of homes all over the world. Over the years, many things have changed in the craft of creating portraits, but one constant remains. Craig believes that his job is not to take a picture, but to create a timeless image that not only shows what someone looks like, but also a little about who they are. His clients covet their images, but many also remark that the one thing is is terrific at is making his clients feel special, and relaxed. This is the key to creating an image that starts priceless, and only goes up in value over time.

Where we are- Below is a map showing the location of the studio. Here is what you need to know once you get close. We are in a 4 story white building across from Pompilio's in Newport.  The address is 601 Washington, which is at the corner of 6th. and Washington. Across from the building is a parking lot. You are welcome to park in any space not marked with a reserved sign. We also have 2 open spots on the right after you enter the lot. They have a reserved sign indicating which ones are ours. If you get lost or have any trouble, call us at 859-491-4919.