Sessions at Mansion Hill are as creative as the images. For families, we can provide a wonderful studio environment, come to your home, and select a special location that helps tell your story. Once we select location, time, and date, we will help plan the clothes and mood of the portraits. Usually we will discuss a family interest, like horses or a boat. After that, everything falls into place. After the session, the second part of the session happens, and it is often our client's favorite part. You return for a personal viewing appointment at the studio, where we show you the images on a large screen. The presentation begins with a multimedia presentation. Then, we discuss sizes, images, finishes, and even framing. We area full service studio, and this part of the session is where we turn the wonderful images into fine art.

For seniors, of course, sessions are all about them!  We have a ton of information we give you on how to prepare and collect outfits. At the sessions, we work with each student to tell their story. Senior portraits are a really big deal, so we make sure you are completely prepared. This year we are asking the girls to send photos of their outfits so we will be ready for the amazing hot pink prom dress. And for guys, yes, we can tie your tie.

Children are amazing and so much fun in a session. We know they can be timid at first, so we greet them in a soft voice, and work up the the signal that they are ready to go, the high five. Craig has the ability to talk with and photograph children in a way that parents can remember their amazing faces long after they are grown. As a parent of two now very much adult kids, he understands how important their expressions are, and how they need to feel comfortable to help them be themselves. You will treasure watching them work together.